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What's the best way to grow a film community in the Columbus-Phenix City area? Well, for starters, you get together on a regular basis and watch movies. The Midnight Train Movie Night will launch again in January 2023. Scott Phillips led the Way Down Film Society from September 2016 through November 2019, and the Midnight Train Movie Night will pick up right where the Way Down Film Society left off. Each month Scott Phillips will host a meeting where we'll discuss the latest trends in film and then watch a movie together. After the film, Scott will lead a post-screening discussion.

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Midnight Train Movie Night Coming Back  Soon!

What types of films will we be screening at the Midnight Train Movie Night?

Scroll through the movie posters below to get a feel for Scott's particular brand of film curation from his days with the Way Down Film Society.  There is method to his madness!! 

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